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Tech Industry

Looking into the pay gap in tech industry

The wage gap doesn't seem to be closing.

The overall wage in the tech industry has steadily increased over time for both men and women. The wage gap shows no sign of narrowing within the past two decades.

Wage Gap in Tech Over Time

"Tech" here means computer and mathematical occupations.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

What about race?

Women in the Computer/Mathematical occupations across races and ethnicities make approximately 80 cents to a man’s dollar. Gender pay gap exists throughout all races: there is no group where women's salary surpasses or is equal to the male counterpart's. The group which had the biggest gender pay gap was Hispanics, where women make 77% of men's wage.

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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Major Tech Companies Are Still Male-dominated.

Women still don’t get hired as much as men in tech companies. Women are even scarcer in the leadership positions.

Percentage of Women in Major Tech Companies

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Source: each company's diversity report